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Why Choose Us

Property Navigators is the rental agent of choice for Sydney property investors.

Our founders are significant real estate investors themselves, and have launched Property Navigators out of frustration and disappointment with existing agents to create a compelling new offering: property management for investors, by investors.

We know how you want your investment managed, because we’re landlords too.

Property investment is that not complicated. It should be as simple as investing in a property and earning a return. Everything else that needs to be done in between should be easy – not painful and slow like it is with most agents.

Our efficient, professional, committed, and personalised service guarantees hassle-free, safe, and smooth property transactions. We deliver a premium service at every day rates, tailored to your needs and preferences.

We make sure that we understand your objectives as an investor, and we will work with you in achieving your investment goals. Our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal and this has been the secret to our long-term success with our first business, Mortgage Navigators.

Property Navigators will ensure that your real estate investment is well managed and maintained by focusing on these key factors:

  • Providing thorough tenant selection
  • Regular, excellent communication
  • Negotiating professionally on your behalf
  • Marketing your property effectively
  • Managing and monitoring rent arrears
  • Managing and maximising your cash flow
  • Doing regular inspections and maintenance
  • Presenting clear and detailed financial reports

We have proven over time that carefully and successfully carrying out these things will ensure excellent return of investment for clients’ properties. Like you, we are after the results and our property managers can guarantee that results and success will be delivered- every time.

Contact Property Navigators today and let us help you get a better deal on managing your investment properties.