Tenant Information

Office Hours

Our office is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. On Saturdays, you can contact our team through their mobile phones.

In case of an emergency after office hours, please call Josie Hodgson on 0423 933 884 so that someone can attend to your concerns as soon as possible.


As a tenant, it is your responsibility to apply for utilities and have them in your name. For assistance, you can call:

  • Energy Australia (Electricity): 131 535
  • AGL (Gas): 131 245
  • Telstra (Telephone): 132 200

Rental Payments

You should pay rent in advance always. In any case you can’t pay rent on time, please contact and inform your Property Manager.

If someone is sharing the property with you (as stated in the Tenancy Agreement), you are both liable in case of default in rental payment.

All payments must be made through the agreed method as stated in the contract.

Property Condition Report

In the beginning of your tenancy, you will receive two copies of Property Condition Report. This report outlines the condition of the property upon turn over.

When it’s time for you to vacate the property, the present condition of the property will be compared to the condition of it upon turn over. Any variation, except for fair wear and tear, will be your responsibility.

We advise that you review the Property Condition Report and make additional comments as needed so both parties can accurately determine the real condition of the property. It is in your best interest that all representations are correct and accurate at the time of turn over.

After reviewing the report, please send back a signed copy within 7 days.

Rental Bond

As a security for any unpaid rent or damage to the property, you are required to have a rental bond lodged at the Department of Fair Trading. You will receive a Rental Bond Registration Number after your payment has been confirmed. The rental bond will be returned to you after your contract has ended and you have vacated the property, provided that you don’t have any unpaid rent or owed money for repairs.

Routine Inspections

Your Property Manager will visit your property every once in a while, after giving you a 7-day notice. Routine inspections include visit after three months after turn over of property and every six months thereafter.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you wish to request for repairs and maintenance, you can submit it through our website with attached photo as proof of the problem. In case of emergency repairs, you can contact your Property Manager so he can assist you as soon as possible.


We maintain duplicate keys of all properties for emergency purposes. If you must change any locks within the property, please obtain approval from your Property Manager and provide us with duplicate keys.


In all cases, an owner’s consent must be obtained if you want to sub-lease the property. You must always notify your Property Manager if there’s any change in the occupants in the property.


Please be aware that the owner’s insurance cover does not cover your belongings inside the property. We advise you to get a comprehensive contents insurance to protect your belongings against theft, fire, and other perils.

Visitors and Guests

As tenants, you are responsible for actions done by your visitors while on the property.

Termination of the Tenancy Agreement

If you wish to vacate the property, please give us a Vacating Notice prior to move out. You must remember that the Tenancy Agreement that you signed is a legal contract between you and the owner. To terminate the agreement, you must give us a 14-day written notice prior to the expiration of the lease.

Breaking the Tenancy Early

If you need to vacate the property prior to the expiration of the Tenancy Agreement for any reason, you have to contact your Property Manager immediately. In such cases, we need to find another tenant to replace you. You are responsible to pay for any advertising costs needed to find a new tenant and all applicable fees, including full rent until we find a suitable tenant.