Preparing your property for lease

Preparing your property for lease

As an owner and investor, you have to make your property available to the rental market in a standard of cleanliness and condition that you want it to be returned to you. This requires a commitment from you to be able to maintain and further increase your property’s value in the market.

Though it can be quite overwhelming at first, the secret is proper planning and maintaining a checklist so you can save time and effort. Generally, there are five major works you need to focus on to make sure that your property is ready for occupancy:


This involves painting, renovation, new fixtures, etc. A chunk of your rental income should be allotted for future maintenance works.


Your garden and backyard needs pruning at least once a year. Pay attention to large trees blocking your house, especially prior to winter.


Aside from pruning, if your property has a big lawn area, this might need occasional mowing and need a gardener to come over every once in a while.


Avoid future problems by keeping your gutter free of clutter. This should be done once or twice a year.


To ensure correct usage of your precious appliances, guidelines and warranty details should be explained to your property agent and then communicated to tenant.

Here are the other things you need to watch out for:

The stove must be clean and free of oil drippings.
The exhaust fans must be removed and cleaned.
The smoke alarms must be properly inspected and maintained.
The venetian blinds must be taken down and washed.
If your property has a swimming pool, consult a professional maintenance contractor.
Pest control treatment should be done annually. If the house has previous pets in it, a flea treatment is appropriate.
Check all locks and make sure that the premises are fully secured. The windows and doors’ locks should be fully functional and open and close easily.
Proper waste bins should be made available for tenant’s use, including a general waste bin, a recycling bin, and the green waste bin.
Carpets should be professionally cleaned prior to tenant’s move in.