Sydney Buyer’s Agent Service

Sydney Buyer’s Agent Service

Property Navigators is also proud to offer a buyer’s agent service.

This is where our investor experts actively help you identify, target and purchase property. In many cases we can perform virtually the whole transaction on your behalf. Our Sydney Buyer’s Agent service is particularly useful for investors who are time poor, ex-patriate (overseas), or simply too busy to do the legwork themselves. But of course we are also available to help the first home buyer or ‘upgrader’ who may be nervous about the buying process, and benefit from an experienced agent acting on their behalf.

By working with you to understand your investment objectives, we will develop a strategy and solution to help you ‘buy better’. We act in your best interests as a buyer, and aim to get you a lower price, or a better property for your budget. This goes far beyond just property search listings’ recommendations. We often source property stock that is ‘off-market’ and unavailable to the general public, and we get heavily involved in the negotiation and buying process.

Here are just some reasons why Sydney investors use our buyer’s agent service:

Provide information and guidance every step of the way all throughout the home buying process
Understand your needs and wants as a buyer and incorporate it to the motivation behind the property search
Inform the you (the buyer) about the current market conditions
Maximise the options to meet your needs as much as possible, beyond financial constraints and market realities
Offer you good and high quality alternatives in case financial constraints hinder features requirement of the buyer
Thorough research of the existing market listings and make recommendations based on your buying needs
Filter target properties and help the you narrow it down to top choices
Prepare all the necessary forms and requirements needed in negotiation process for buying the property
Facilitate inspections and give you the buyer advice on how to handle repairs in the property
Assist you the buyer in closing the deal and make sure that your s interests are protected