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Suburb Overview

As a suburb in the Inner West of Sydney, Ashfield can be found 9 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district. Ashfield’s residents are highly multicultural and came from different parts of the world. This is evident in the eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants in the area.

Did you know that?

Ashfield has a rich cultural heritage. Its traces can be seen in several numbers of Victorian buildings present in the suburb. In 1820s, the Ashfield that we know today was divided into two larges estates, the Ashfield Park (the northern part) and Canterbury Estate (the area near the south of Liverpool Road). Ashfield Park got its name from Robert Campbell, whose family was the laird of Ashfield in Scotland.

Who lives here?

As of 2011, Ashfield has a recorded population of 22,189 residents. Only 41% of the population are Australian born residents. Other residents hale from China (15%) and India (6%).

Types of houses

Around 46% of households in Ashfield are renting, 24% own their houses, and 26% are under mortgage. Out of the 8,215 private dwellings that were counted, 63% were flats, 9% were semi-detached or attached houses, while 27% were detached houses.

How to get to Ashfield?

The most common form of transportation when getting around Ashfield is by car and by train. Around 46% of population use cars and 41% use train. The other 10% of the Ashfield residents use buses, while 6% walk, and only 1% use bike.

Ashfield railway station is located on the Airport, Innerwest and South Line of the Sydney Trains Network. Ashfield is the terminal for three bus services in Sydney, namely 462, 464 and 466. Along with these, there are also nine bus routes that pass through Ashfield: 406, 418, 413, 461, 490, 492, 491, 480, and 483.

What to do here?

Every year, Ashfield celebrates Carnival of Cultures, which is a festival of the suburb’s multiculturalism. This is held at Ashfield Park and there are variety of performances, entertainment, and food stalls. There are also programs dedicated for arts and sports all year round in Ashfield. If you’re a foodie, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from in Ashfield.

What makes Ashfield special?

Ashfield is perfect for students, professionals, and young families. There are seven schools in Ashfield, namely Ashfield Boys High School, Ashfield Primary School, St. Vincents School, Bethlehem College, Trinity Grammar Senior, De La Salle College, and Junior Campuses. There are parks like Ashfield Park, Pratten Park, Hammond Park, and Yeo Park where families can spend time and enjoy nature together. Ashfield is a safe, clean, and friendly suburb to live in.

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